Moving On Up….

October 7, 2008

Hi to anyone out there that stumbles across this page or actually reads it here. I’ve moved out… yes to a bigger, better blog that is a little more me! You can still get me over at Girls on Books and now you can also see me at 

So help me support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and keep checking us out on

Thanks 🙂 -RR


Help Find a Cure…

September 29, 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This cause is near and dear to my heart as my family has known TOO many women that has had this disease. Some we have lost and some we still have and support. Please help and donate to the cause or get involved with some of the great events in the month of October, or just wear the pink ribbon to help support all those out there suffering or those who have survived it.

You can purchase a ribbon for $10 donation out at Town Square on the bridge in the park to show your support. Also October 4th there is a walk with the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer out at the JW Marriot in Summerlin. is the link to this walk… walk it or make a donation please.

I hate to sound preachy or like I am begging you for money in this hard economy, but we should all do something to help each other once in awhile.

Thanks and have a great week… RR

Loving the Fall…

September 23, 2008

Granted Vegas doesn’t get much of a fall… it’s been nice. It’s only been in the mid 90’s in the hottest parts of the days and it’s cool in the mornings 🙂  I do wish we would get some color change, but I can’t always have what I want.

I am also super busy… which I love being. I’ve got a million things on my plate coming up, but all good things. Lots of events at work, school, Breast Cancer Walk, Wine & Hors D’oeuvre tasting, a comedy show, Baby shower and most importantly… A test for a NEW JOB!

I’ve also got a serious pile of TBR starting to call my name. Included in that pile is The Host by Stephenie Meyer, Shutter Island by Dennis LeHane, Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips  (which I will be reviewing on THIS Wednesday and is also our group read), and a couple I can’t think of the names now. (Sorry)

Well just thought I would update…. better get back to working lol

Let the Learning Begin!!

September 17, 2008

So tonight was the first time I stepped back into a classroom. I started at TISOH (The International School of Hospitality) tonight. I am currently enrolled in the ART OF FOOD & BEVERAGE class. Already from the first 3 hours I’ve learned so much and really enjoy the people I am learning from and with.

I’m hoping that this will inspire me to do more for myself and further make myself a more positive and educated boss. I’m hoping to take this class and get good grades through all 3 Modules, so that hopefully I can change fields just a little and get outta the job I am in now and possibly further myself in a Food & Beverage Career.

HAHA.. Such lofty dreams I know…. but hey I am Pisces and I am a dreamer. So lets hope. If anything else it will make me a more educated and interesting person… and I am big nerd and love to learn new things anyways.

Thanks for listening to my rant or whatever… I just got home and felt enthusiastic about it and needed to write. 🙂

Some Changes

September 14, 2008

In light of a comment and after some thought your favorite dolls, Moira, Jolie, Betty and I… Rowan have moved outta our first home at Romantic Bites and moved into Girls on Books at

We feel this is the best for us so we don’t get pigeon -holed in just the Romance genre. We all read all genres and like so many other things. I hope you will continue to follow our reviews and posts. Thanks for all your continuing support and see yall soon 🙂

Sound of Madness

August 31, 2008

 Sound of Madness
by Shinedown

This album is Shinedown’s third studio album and I love it as much as the others. I’ve been a big fan of this band since the first time I heard them and their first album Leave a Whisper. I just recently got it and haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

The first single, Devour, is so ROCKING that I just can’t stop listening to it at the highest my ipod will go! My next favorite song on the album is Second Chance, which you can listen to on their Myspace, , it just says so much about life to me and things that I have been through.  I suggest getting this album if you love rockin’ music and an amazing voice.

The only thing I am depressed about with this… is they will be here next Sunday, September 7th and because of all the BS of having my identity thief take all my money and not being reimbursed yet… I will not get to see them. This will be the first time that they will be in Vegas and I will not be there. 😦 I am not happy about that at all…. maybe I will try to find a way to be there.

Well with all that…. I am giving this album 5 Rockin’ Roses!!!

Just Because….

August 26, 2008


Wicked: The Musical

August 22, 2008

Well I have been so obsessed with seeing it and reading it! I can’t believe I didn’t actually write about seeing it FINALLY!!!

Well my sis and I went last Thursday in LA at the Pantages Theater. Ok so first… funny story… we got ready and were so excited that backing outta our parking spot at the hotel we hit a pole and knocked out the side mirror! Whoops!! We laughed and couldn’t believe we had done that considering my sis is a LIMO DRIVER AND Works VALET!! ha ha

Anyways we get to LA and get to the theater… then they tell me that our tickets have been given away because Ticketmaster sucks! Sooo the lady looks for new seats for us and lo and behold she sells us the $100 seats for $60 each in the center! Yippee!! Now we are looking at better seats. So we decide we have hours to kill… we wander all over Hollywood Blvd and find the cutest cafe to drink at and eat. No wonder people call Hollywood.. Hollyweird sometimes though, YIKES!

We get to the show and buy shirts but are apprehensive about the performance. We love the soundtrack and the original cast. Well there was no absolutely NO reason for us to be disappointed. Both witches were amazing!!! The actress that played Elphaba, TEAL WICKS, was Idina’s backup on Broadway and has the most amazing voice! I want to see it again and I would love to see her perform it again.  There were parts in the play that she took my breath away and gave me goosebumps!

So now I have finally seen it and want to again. I would love to see it on Broadway too, and look out everyone… there is a rumor that it will be made into a movie!!! My sis and I sure do hope so!

So with that…. Have a great weekend and do something inspiring 🙂

Learning to Live Again

August 19, 2008

My title sounds a little ominous I am sure, but its a lyric from a song that keeps popping up on the Ipod… and for some reason seems to be my mantra right now. I am going to try and LIVE again. Get out more, spend more time with friends, spend more time with my Boyfriend, and make my life just more vibrant. And like so many others that were inspired by my sis and Best Friend, Moira… I am going to set some goals and try to stick with them and also update you on the whole thing! ( I know riveting isn’t it!? )

Goals for the next Month:
I don’t write novels like the girls I hang with, but I might try to write a short story or Childrens story … just for shits and giggles mind you, but something to be creative. ( I wrote a story in High School… about how the Roses got their color and name…. might expand on that)

Take more pictures and see if I can create a new collage for the house. (I love pictures and have quite a few from our Vacation too)

Paint the Letters that I want to hang on my wall in my room finally. ( ” Like a Dream Come True” is what I am hanging above the bed. – Mine and J’s Song!)

Keep looking for a new job and not get discouraged. ( I know the economy is bad.. but I will find that perfect job… I just know I will)

Lose atleast 7lbs by Sept 18th. ( i need to be healthier, I am going to eat better and less… and work out… which I did do today. So Day one, SUCCESS!!)

Ok I think those are a little lofty and much… so I will start with those and see how we do.  Hope all is good with everyone else. Much love to you all out there.

Officially on Vacation!

August 12, 2008

So I just wanted to say… you probably won’t hear from me much… as I don’t think I am gonna take the lappie with me to the beach. So please check out my review of GOSSIP GIRL by Cecily Von Zeigesar on and I will catch you all on the flip side when I get back. and so I don’t leave you darlings of mine with out something here… have some GOSSIP GIRL to watch. Look for it starting in September on your CW Channel!!