Learning to Live Again

August 19, 2008

My title sounds a little ominous I am sure, but its a lyric from a song that keeps popping up on the Ipod… and for some reason seems to be my mantra right now. I am going to try and LIVE again. Get out more, spend more time with friends, spend more time with my Boyfriend, and make my life just more vibrant. And like so many others that were inspired by my sis and Best Friend, Moira… I am going to set some goals and try to stick with them and also update you on the whole thing! ( I know riveting isn’t it!? )

Goals for the next Month:
I don’t write novels like the girls I hang with, but I might try to write a short story or Childrens story … just for shits and giggles mind you, but something to be creative. ( I wrote a story in High School… about how the Roses got their color and name…. might expand on that)

Take more pictures and see if I can create a new collage for the house. (I love pictures and have quite a few from our Vacation too)

Paint the Letters that I want to hang on my wall in my room finally. ( ” Like a Dream Come True” is what I am hanging above the bed. – Mine and J’s Song!)

Keep looking for a new job and not get discouraged. ( I know the economy is bad.. but I will find that perfect job… I just know I will)

Lose atleast 7lbs by Sept 18th. ( i need to be healthier, I am going to eat better and less… and work out… which I did do today. So Day one, SUCCESS!!)

Ok I think those are a little lofty and much… so I will start with those and see how we do.  Hope all is good with everyone else. Much love to you all out there.


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