Let the Learning Begin!!

September 17, 2008

So tonight was the first time I stepped back into a classroom. I started at TISOH (The International School of Hospitality) tonight. I am currently enrolled in the ART OF FOOD & BEVERAGE class. Already from the first 3 hours I’ve learned so much and really enjoy the people I am learning from and with.

I’m hoping that this will inspire me to do more for myself and further make myself a more positive and educated boss. I’m hoping to take this class and get good grades through all 3 Modules, so that hopefully I can change fields just a little and get outta the job I am in now and possibly further myself in a Food & Beverage Career.

HAHA.. Such lofty dreams I know…. but hey I am Pisces and I am a dreamer. So lets hope. If anything else it will make me a more educated and interesting person… and I am big nerd and love to learn new things anyways.

Thanks for listening to my rant or whatever… I just got home and felt enthusiastic about it and needed to write. 🙂


One Response to “Let the Learning Begin!!”

  1. Moira said

    I am rooting for you… and if you should need a break from burying your nose into those books, you know I am more than willing to make the sacrifice and kidnap you for a beer or two.

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