My 16th Apology!

August 6, 2008

(sorry couldn’t help but use a song title as my title today!)

I feel like I have been slacking on posting here, and it’s true I have been slacking. I’ve been busy with various things that I seem to forget to post or just lack of inspiration at the moment. Personally I think its the latter and I am hoping that my vacation next week clears up any lack of inspiration.

So just a little update… I’ve been completely engrossed in reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer-  Book number 4 in the Twilight  series. Well…. all I will say at this point is that it is not my favorite and it lacks something for me. I loved the others… especially the first and third books. I’ve got about a 100 pages left. So with out further ramblings… I am going to go finish it and leave you with something that has me a little more inspired. The trailer to the first book- Twilight– coming to you December 12th!!! Love ya!


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Wicked Wednesday!

July 30, 2008

Well I just thought it would be fun! haha to have a Wicked  moment on my blog. I loved the book and have been obsessed with Wicked: The Musical  as well. I will FINALLY be seeing it while I am on vacation! So with that… I think I am going to put up a video for all of you to enjoy! Have a great Wednesday! Also please visit and read my review on Jennifer Armintrout’s book, Possession and comment to enter to win $40 to Barnes & Noble.


July 11, 2008


Leona Lewis

UK singer and songwriter Leona Lewis, a 22-year-old London native and winner of the hit TV show the X Factor, a British talent show, has broken all-time sales records there with Spirit entering the album chart at Number One and becoming Britain’s fastest-selling debut ever. In addition, Spirit’s lead-off single “Bleeding Love” — co-written and produced by OneRepublic frontman Ryan “Alias” Tedder — was the U.K.’s best-selling single of 2007.

OK … no wonder I love that song Bleeding Love because I love OneRepublic. I was so excited to get this cd just for that song. I will have to say… if you have not gotten it and REALLY like that song just buy the single. I’ve listened to this CD over and over, hoping it would grow on me like some usually do… and it hasn’t. I will say Leona has a beautiful voice, but on some of these songs she sounds WAY too much like Mariah Carey. (sorry I HATE Mariah) The music and the album just didnt do much for me. Sounded like everything else on R/B radio and just wasn’t up my expectations of Bleeding Love. So I am sad to say… I’ve taken this album off the Ipod and just left Bleeding Love.

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Have a GREAT weekend. love yas!

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Have a Great Day!

Wicked Lovely

June 30, 2008

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Thanks and hope everyone is having a Fabulous Weekend!!!