Gone Baby Gone

July 16, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Well I don’t know if you all know, but I love movies especially if they are based on books that I’ve read. It’s a favorite pastime of mine. Nerdy.. maybe but ehh thats me.

So anyways back to this movie… I wanna say first that I LOVED LOVED this book. It was so gritty and captivating. Loved all the characters, even if you wanted to hate them sometimes too. Well the movie did just about the same thing for me too. It was shot so well.. props to Ben Affleck and I am not even a fan of his. This movie was shot like the book was written… gritty! I mean it shows a not so pretty side of Boston, MA and just how human nature truly is. I will say this and have been for a long time that Casey Affleck always gets looked over, but he REALLY is the actor in that family. The only gripe I have about this movie and usually is when I’ve read the book… is I wish you got to know some of the supporting characters better.  I’m glad I finally got to see this movie.. now my only regret is that I never saw it in the theaters.

I don’t usually review movies.. but I am on this one… and I give it 4 roses!!


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