Just Because….

August 26, 2008



Wicked: The Musical

August 22, 2008

Well I have been so obsessed with seeing it and reading it! I can’t believe I didn’t actually write about seeing it FINALLY!!!

Well my sis and I went last Thursday in LA at the Pantages Theater. Ok so first… funny story… we got ready and were so excited that backing outta our parking spot at the hotel we hit a pole and knocked out the side mirror! Whoops!! We laughed and couldn’t believe we had done that considering my sis is a LIMO DRIVER AND Works VALET!! ha ha

Anyways we get to LA and get to the theater… then they tell me that our tickets have been given away because Ticketmaster sucks! Sooo the lady looks for new seats for us and lo and behold she sells us the $100 seats for $60 each in the center! Yippee!! Now we are looking at better seats. So we decide we have hours to kill… we wander all over Hollywood Blvd and find the cutest cafe to drink at and eat. No wonder people call Hollywood.. Hollyweird sometimes though, YIKES!

We get to the show and buy shirts but are apprehensive about the performance. We love the soundtrack and the original cast. Well there was no absolutely NO reason for us to be disappointed. Both witches were amazing!!! The actress that played Elphaba, TEAL WICKS, was Idina’s backup on Broadway and has the most amazing voice! I want to see it again and I would love to see her perform it again.  There were parts in the play that she took my breath away and gave me goosebumps!

So now I have finally seen it and want to again. I would love to see it on Broadway too, and look out everyone… there is a rumor that it will be made into a movie!!! My sis and I sure do hope so!

So with that…. Have a great weekend and do something inspiring 🙂

Wicked Wednesday!

July 30, 2008

Well I just thought it would be fun! haha to have a Wicked  moment on my blog. I loved the book and have been obsessed with Wicked: The Musical  as well. I will FINALLY be seeing it while I am on vacation! So with that… I think I am going to put up a video for all of you to enjoy! Have a great Wednesday! Also please visit www.romanticbites.wordpress.com and read my review on Jennifer Armintrout’s book, Possession and comment to enter to win $40 to Barnes & Noble.